Style + comfort are our magic words.
Irreplaceable was born to hug you and your family with a warm and precious inner glow that couldn't be more tender and classy.
Soft and comforting, made only from the best natural fibers; your Irreplaceable sweater envelops your and your baby' skin in soft elegant luxury; it is a born to be must have.
Baby Gang Apparel is the result of a long journey around the world where traditions meet the unexpected and the sportswear and streetwear are in the front line.

Elisa Giordano

Behind Irreplaceable there is Elisa Giordano; a different point of view of contemporary fashion development.

Elisa was born in Torino, Italy and grew up between her italian city and Los Angeles, California. After a Parisian inspiration working time she is now back in Torino.

She combines transversal and at the same time complementary life paths mixing a winning blend of cultures and styles.

Her knitwear collection rapresents a journey around the world and around a life; it was born to be unique and irreplaceable.

elisa giordano.jpeg