Save the ocean!


Today we were asking to our bB Models what they were expecting from life and the answer was amazing: they want to make the world a better place; they would like to learn everyday something that they didn't know yesterday, bringing me and them a little closer to knowing all that can be known in the universe.

That's why we decided to began to know something about our Planet Earth and nature...Summer is coming!So in occasion on our bB Spring Summer collection we asked ourselves: What we can do to save our oceans?

This is something we can start do to save our ocean and fit it for the future:

Make safe, sustainable seafood choices; use fewer plastic products, help take care of the beach, influence change in your community, travel the ocean responsibly, educate ourselves about oceans and amazing marine life.

bB model are proudly wearing the super comfortable Ernesto model from SS15 collection 70% cotton 30% cashmere

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