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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted payment methods?

Is it possible to consult a size guide?

The accepted payment methods are:
Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard
Bank transfer

To find the most suitable size for you, click on the following document  "Size Guide".

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Our policies allow this service for our customers, in order to make the shopping experience from Irreplaceable even more personalized. If you do not know which product to choose for a gift, let them choose directly!

Can an out-of-stock item become available again?

Our permanent items will come back in stock. For an order request on limited pieces, please contact:

Is there a minimum order amount required?

Can deliveries also be made abroad?

No, there is no minimum order amount.

Yes, shipments are made to all continents. For further information, send an email to

How does your return policy work?

In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, returns are possible on request. These typically take an estimated 14 working days to be processed.

How will I be reimbursed for expenses in the event of a return?

A complete refund will be issued to the same payment method used as in the initial purchase.

What is the hand washing method in order not to alter the characteristics of the fabrics?

  • Use a basin of warm water, in which you have dissolved very little delicate detergent for wool, some neutral detergent, or a few drops of children's shampoo.

  • Immerse only one garment at a time, inside out, as to damage it as little as possible. Let all the water absorb well: it is said that cashmere is a living and water-loving fiber, and in fact, its fibers are renewed with each wash.

  • Massage the shirt, pressing it gently, but absolutely avoid twisting, rubbing or ironing it, so as not to make it felt.

  • Rinse delicately and patiently with running water - always lukewarm - or replace the water in the bowl until it becomes transparent again.

Warning: do not leave the garment to soak for more than 5 minutes, otherwise the detergent could ruin the fibers and disperse the colour!

What precautions should I take into consideration for washing in the washing machine? 

Said precautions are:

  • Place the garment inside out in the washing machine or, better still, in a specific bag for washing underwear.

  • Add a very small amount of delicate wool detergent

  • Select a short program for wool or delicate items, its temperature never exceeding 30°C.

  • Exclude the spin cycle, otherwise, if possible, set it to low rpm (400).

How to dry and iron clothes?

  • After washing, lay the sweater out on a towel and gently roll it up to remove excess water.

  • Let the garment dry, laid out on a flat, horizontal surface, away from heat sources and sunlight.

  • If the washing has been carried out following the steps correctly, ironing may not be necessary. In any case, it is advisable to keep the garment inside out and to use very low temperatures so as not to compromise the fibres.

  • The utmost precaution requires either a shot of steam at a distance of 5 centimeters from the garment, or placing a cotton cloth between the shirt inside out and the iron at low temperatures.

  • Before folding the garment, let it cool down.

How to store cashmere garments?

Once the season of use is over, cashmere garments must be washed and stored completely dry, in an appropriate storage bag in a cool, dry location. The bags containing the garments must be placed inside drawers or wardrobes with adequate anti-moth protection.

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