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"Be bold, be irreplaceable!": the fashion show SS24.

Within the eighteenth century walls of Palazzo Cavour in Turin, surrounded by a selected group of businesswomen and businessmen, award-winning chefs, prized models, journalists and brand enthusiasts, immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, IRREPLACEABLE presented its very first fashion show. The show included some of the brand's most iconic pieces which are part of its permanent collection as well as its latest SS24 collection.

The effortless combination of elegance and comfort in each garment reflects so much of its creator, Elisa Giordano, who prioritizes the quality of the yarns which compose them: cotton, silk, merino, and cashmere gauze.


In a city where art, fashion, and culture intertwine seamlessly like threads of gold, emerges the IRREPLACEABLE collection. It draws inspiration from the odyssey of a woman, commencing from her hometown of Torino and traversing through the enchanting realms of the City of Lights and the City of Angels, encapsulating an inner emotional expedition. The garments, designed to exude both versatility and comfort, effortlessly blend chicness with coziness. Crafted from natural fabrics, each piece narrates a tale, capturing fleeting moments or locales from the streets of Torino, Paris, and Los Angeles. IRREPLACEABLE is not merely a collection but a voyage, an exploration into timeless elegance. Delve into the essence of art, fashion, music, and love embodied in every creation, immersing yourself in the eternal allure of this irreplaceable journey.


The SS24 collection is a jubilant tribute to strength and individuality, drawing inspiration from the liberating essence of Navy and nautical styles, as well as the fearless spirit of independent women. Infused with the trademark rock touch of IRREPLACEABLE, each piece emerges as a symbol of style, carrying a resolute message of determination and audacity. Meticulously crafted from premium fabrics and adorned with maritime accents, the collection exudes a nautical allure, while rebellious cuts and finishes infuse it with an edgy flair. Every knit is expertly designed to withstand the test of time, defying fleeting trends. IRREPLACEABLE endeavors to honor women's autonomy and the power of their personas. Wearing these garments is a proclamation to the world that there is no substitute for your authenticity and unique style.

So, what are you waiting for? Be bold, be irreplaceable!

Alina Mansukhlal

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