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Love Boat: the irreplaceable navy style.

Blue, white, and red - preferably in stripes - are the colors that pervade Irreplaceable's Summer collection by Elisa Giordano. The navy style, inspired by nautical themes, recalls the marinière - the traditional horizontal striped shirt worn by fishermen from Northern France, which has become a fashionable garment worn by numerous icons of cinema, fashion, and art, starting with the unforgettable Coco Chanel. It was the French designer who popularized this garment beyond sailors' wardrobes, transforming it into a feminine and chic piece

Coco Chanel, 1928.

Irreplaceable's Summer collection starts right here - with the iconic Ernesto sweater in blue and white stripes made of cotton and cashmere - and evolves through the color red (and also sand, to stay in the theme of sea and beach) and gold details, such as the golden buttons on the Starboard shirt. The simplicity of each piece in the collection gives them the versatility of casual chic.

As in the last issue of this newsletter, we have created looks that pair each of our pieces in two different ways, demonstrating their versatility. This time we have divided the publication into several parts that will be released over the next few weeks. Here are the first 8 looks featuring the Jackie dress, the Starboard t-shirt, and the Artitus and Ernesto sweaters:

We hope you like the looks we've created. Tag us on instagram if you recreate any of them! :)

This article was written by Alina Mansukhlal.

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